CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility

RSC Euskadi

The Basque Country is a destination where the ancestral way of life related to either the sea or the rural life is still respected and maintained. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the best accesible European regions, where the people can enjoy a high quality way of life.

In Hagoos, we are endeavoured to organize sustainable touristic experiences for companies and groups visiting the Basque Country, where our main goals are:

  • Minimize the potentially negative impacts that the generate touristic activity can generate, optimizing the quality of the services offered to visitors.
  • Promote the value of each touristic experience, the local traditions and the intangible cultural heritage.
  • Choose and work with those providers not onlye ensuring high quality of their services and product, but also complying with both environmental and social criteria.
  • Direct contact with the local inhabitants at the reception of the groups.
  • Local products consumption

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