Folklore & Traditions

History, floklore and traditions in a land full of personality. Traditional sports, countryside way of life, traditional food markets, local producers that open their doors and let us discover their skills.


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Traditional Basque Sports

"Herri Kirolak" is the name in Basque used to describe the traditional sports that are still practiced nowadays and have their origin in the ancient daily farm chores or even, related to the whalers way of fishing: stone-lifting, hand axe tree trunk cutting, or fisihing boat races.  

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Local Festivals

Internationally renowned festivals like San Fermin in Pamplona, local popular festivities like the San Sebastian's Tamborrada, the Virgen Blanca week in Vitoria or the Aste Nagusia in Bilbao are some examples of the "all along the year" plans one can enjoy when visiting the Basque Country.

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A People with its own Identity

To this day, there's no confirmed theory about the origin of the Basque People, neither about the Basque language which is said to be one of the most ancient in Europe. Nevertheless, the Basque People identity is significantly different, genuine and tangible in its long-standing traditions, its folklore, its music & dances, its sports & festivals...


The Basque Family way of life

El interior de Euskadi está dominado por el verde de sus bosques y pastizales y por los caseríos, depositarios de una forma de vida pegada a la tradición. Cuenta con innumerables parques naturales y ofrece la oportunidad de visitar lugares como los santuarios de Loiola o Arantzazu. Lugares en los que aprender sobre la vida de los pastores y del caserío descubriendo cómo se elabora el famoso queso Idiazabal o en los que visitar los mercados tradicionales más famosos como los de Ordizia o Tolosa.

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Basque mythology and legends

A region full of legends, where witches used to meet around the fire in the traditional "akelarres", the mythologist characters such as the "Basajaun" or the "lamiak" are the children's fairy tales stars. Basque people wait for their own Santa in Christmas time, the "Olentzero"

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